How To Focus On A Busy Work Week After a Great Weekend With The Family

During the week, my family is typically juggling work, chores, school routines and after school activities. With a family of five, our week days can get a little hairy.  It is often hard to get family time unless we are intentional about penciling it in.

Having quality time with each of our kids is important because while the activities teach them what their talents are, family time teaches them how to care and love one another. It is also a time for us to reflect as a family and nurture our relationships with each other.

I’m sharing some of my tips on how to carve out some time with your family, even when life gets hectic in your life’s most busy season and some great tips to get back to work.

How to Maximize Family Time When You Have No Time

Don’t Overschedule

This may be hard for some parents. I mean, how do you choose between your kid’s love of soccer versus cheer? I know I didn’t get a lot of opportunities to play sports or do extracurriculars in my childhood, so I’m sort of living vicariously through them for some of these! However, I also think it is a teaching moment for my loved ones so that they know they can’t DO everything. Life is about choices. While extracurricular activities provide them an idea on their talents, spending time with family provides them values and beliefs!

Turn Off Screens During Meals

Being able to talk to our kids about their day without trying to hear over the additional noise of the television news anchor or their favorite cartoon character is refreshing. Implement a new rule in the house regarding limiting screen time (or no screen time at all) on Monday through Thursday nights. This should provide more time for family laughter and family fun!


How To Prep For A Busy Work Week

Getting slammed at work is never fun—even if you love your job. There are lots of late nights, an onslaught of frantic emails, and all sorts of problems that keep popping out of nowhere. Who knew sitting at a desk all day could be so draining? (Oh, you did? Well, carry on then.)

If you’re handling a bustling week, month, or (Heaven forbid) year in the office, fear not. These resources will get you through it alive.

  1. The name of the game is preparation on all fronts when you’re gearing up for a rough time in the office. (The Daily Muse)
  2. Busy times may require you to (gasp!) wake up earlier. There’s good news, though: You can train yourself to get up in the wee hours of the morning. (Fast Company)
  3. Having to go to work with little or no sleep? Don’t worry: Here’s the scheduleyou should be using to get through the day. (Science of Us)
  4. Late morning is clinically the best time to get work done, so save your most pressing tasks for that point. (The Wall Street Journal)
  5. Do you know what the peak coffee time is? It could help you seriously up your productivity on a rough day. (Gizmodo)
  6. Be sure to take good breaks at work. And yes, there’s a scientifically proven wayto have a good break. (Buffer)
  7. If you’re dealing with lots of work, chances are your colleagues are, too. Cut them some slack and remember to be nice no matter what. (Forbes)
  8. Also make sure you’re communicating effectively with your team via email, as it’ll save a lot of stress as you navigate your workload. (99U)
  9. Be sure to take time to decompress after a long day, or else you won’t be prepared for what’s to come. (Zen Habits)
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