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Hi, my name is Brad and I am a blogger, web designer, graphics designer, husband, brother, son but most of all I am a dad. Follow my journey as I share my experience, my passion, my love for life & helpful ideas.

At Home With Dad is my journey to finding solitude in a stay at home dad’s world. I find sharing my experiences with others helps me work through my many life’s ups and downs.

When I was young my dad used to teach me all about construction and woodworking, but I never gave him enough of my attention or time. I spent most of my youth focusing on video games and computers. I loved to play! One day we finally got a computer a Commodore Vic20 and it was, let’s just say kind of underwhelming. A couple years later we got a Commodore 64 which was better.


By the time I was 17 we upgraded to an IBM Aptiva computer with a super fast 75 megahertz system. Compared to my phone alone today that is not so impressive either. This all started my journey into what I love to do today. When I was 12 I started to learn the basics of SQL or structured query language which I still use today as our database that runs most of the websites I build, MySQL.

One of the best things I did though was take my computer apart just to see how it all worked, my dad for sure looked freaked but I was not scared at all, I just knew that I can put it back together, working. I started in grade 8 with basic computer classes, touching on QBasic and many other programming languages that I still use today. Later, in high school taking applied accounting courses that were entirely on computers. This laid the foundation of what would be the answer to a family problem.

Time went on and in 1994 it was time to go to College, but I was only 17 and could not decide what I wanted to do, so general studies it was. I learned a lot about myself but also took a few college level computer courses, that sure helped my grade point average. In the same year my dad was super sick and got emphysema and needed a double lung transplant. Since he worked so hard even when his body was shutting down, he was a great candidate for the procedure. Me I decided to leave school and get to work.

Working hard was instilled in me when I was young so getting a job was not that hard, but the shocker was a Teamster Union position at a liquor plant that paid extremely well, from a 19-year-old perspective. We got an extra 10 years with my dad thanks to those amazing doctors at VGH. I on the other hand seemed to be stuck in a job that I was very qualified to do but was not happy. Having a family makes it hard to leave a guaranteed paycheck. In 2006 October just after my youngest was born I got injured at work.


Living on disability is just not enough money for a family of 5. In 2007 my friend knew I was great with computers, so he asked me to build him a website using this program attached to his hosting account. I did it, but it looked so cheesy and I was not happy with it. I began to learn and read and learn some more. HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, Apache Servers, domains, FTP access…. etc…. the list goes on. Within a few months I rebuilt that site with my very own coded HTML site, I loved it. I love how creative I could be. I wanted more.

I created my own site with a cheesy domain: yourwebsitebybrad.com that started a journey that would help feed not only my children but my creativity. I built this freelance business from the ground up out of sheer necessity to take care of my family, I never dreamed that I would love it still today like I do. I learn more and more and strive to make better sites year after year. It was 5 years ago that we started to build what is now known as Responsive Web Design.


Responsive Web Design, one website that works on all devices; desktop, mobile and tablet friendly. So, we came up with the idea of Responsive Designs, it just makes sense that we call ourselves what we build. Over the years we have learned that graphics are a key to any beautiful web design, we learned Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and After Effects for video design. My creative juices have been flowing ever since. I want to build something clients can be proud of, at a price that hard working struggling people like me can afford.

Throughout the years we have worked with Google in their program Engage which is now Google Partners for online advertising, totally worth it! SEO is key to any great web design, you need to be on the first page when someone is searching for what you have to offer. I get that! Social media is key today! You need Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & YouTube to market. That is what we are here for. That is what I can do. That is what I love to do.

Hi again, my name is Brad and I am here to help! Let me help you get online!